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Green Burial

What is Green Burial?

Green burial is not really a new concept.  Prior to the introduction of embalming during the Civil War, all burials in the United States were Green.  As time and society changed, cemeteries then required some sort of grave liner to keep the grave from sinking over time.  In fact, even today many religions have burial customs that are very Green.  

The perspective of the Green Burial Council is that embalming and burial vaults/grave liners are not eco-friendly.  A true eco-friendly position looks at the material that the casket and clothing use as well as the carbon footprint of getting the material to the burial site. England is further ahead in the eco-burial movement, yet shipping a casket from there to here defeats the purpose.  

So, there is then the Hybrid-eco-concept, where families find ways toward the Green concept, but maybe have to cross the line on some items.  If the family burial grounds are in a cemetery that requires a grave liner, there are many steps that may keep the burial environmentally friendly, but include the grave liner.  Since many of our burial customs, rites and rituals are for the living, we find ourselves as mediators trying to find a delicate balance between the needs and wishes of the interested parties (the decedent and various family members).  

Please feel free to contact us about the options that are available to you. 

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